The Cased – Hold Logging Equipment are manufactured by Xi’an WELL-SUN Electronic Instrument Co. Ltd. The company is founded in May, 2002 with 13 million RMB registration capitals. They are a manufacturer and supplier of high-technology geophysical survey equipment. Well-sun is authorized by the city of Xi’an as A High-tech Enterprise and A Enterprise of Technical Innovation.

The company’s business scope includes

  • Oil well logging/testing instrument;
  • Industrial control instrument;
  • Operational software and interpretation software;
  • Oil and gas storage, transmission, and measuring control instrument and components;

The company owns an operational facility of 3,000M in Xi’an, China. There are more than 140 employees, of which college and Associate College graduates account for 95%.

Currently, WELL-SUN is focused on cased-hole logging equipment. In the next few years, more and more of products are going to suit horizontal well applications.

2012829164345197In-Line Spinner Flowmeter
The In-Line Spinner Flowmeter is a very short flowmeter with an electrical through connection. When run in combination with a fullbore flowmeter the ILS allows for production profil More…


2Jewelled Bearing Continuous Flowmeter Body

The Jeweled Bearing Continuous Flowmeter employs jewels to reduce the threshold and improve upon the sensitivity of the CFS. The tool is rugged and particular attention has been More…


3Quartz Pressure / CCL Tool

The resonant frequency of a shaped quartz crystal varies with the applied pressure. The frequency variation has to be compensated for changes of crystal temperature, hence both More…


Gamma-ray Tool

The Gamma-ray tool measures gamma radiation from the formation surrounding the wellbore or for particular Condition. The detector comprises a 4in NaI scintillation crystal More…


Wireline Telemetry Cartridge

The Wireline Telemetry Cartridge (WTC) is an intelligent bridge between the tool bus   and surface system. It serves both as a communications interface and as a More …


Fluid Density Tool

The Fluid Density Tool provides a reliable, durable and comparatively safe means of measuring fluid density at all well deviations and flow rates. The tool uses a low energy More …


Temperature/Water Holdup/ Flowmeter Tool

Combined with 3 sensors, the tool is used for measuring each parameter value of temperature, water holdup and flow. The sensors of combined design, which comprise capacitance sensor More …


Continuous Flowmeter Spinner Body

The Continuous Flowmeter Spinner has a fixed OD and impeller diameter. The impeller rotating speed is linear with fluid velocity, thereby can calculate the fluid flowrate. The tool More …



Caged Fullbore Flowmeter Body

The Caged Fullbore Flowmeter is run at the bottom of the Production Logging Tool string. By allowing a large diameter impeller to pass through small diameter tubing, accurate flow rates covering More …