Casing Collar Locator (CCL)

Casing collar locator tools (CCL) are among the simplest and most essential in cased hole electric line. CCL’s are typically used for depth correlation and can be an indicator of line over speed when logging in heavy fluids.


Caliper is a tool for logging the tubings inside. It provides information of the inner diameter and then tells you the state of the tubing due to restrictions or corrosion.
It’s got multiple metal fingers which follows the tubing wall as the caliper is being pulled upwards.

Bridge Plug

The High Expansion Retrievable Bridge Plug (HEX), is the most versatile mechanical plug on the market. It has been designed to pass through extremely narrow wellbore restrictions (such as valves, nipples and straddles) and set in larger ID casing.

Borehole Cement Bond Log Sonde 8/12

The tool is designed for cementing control of cased oil and gas wells of 219-324mm diameter by means of the scattered gamma radiation method. The tool is compatible with computerized log recorders on single- and three-strand carrying wireline of up to 5000m length. It is used for determination of behind-the-string set cement borders, cement and washing fluid blending areas, detection of channels and vug holes in set sheath with total area of cut at least 10% of annulue cut area at pressure difference of washing fluid and cement sheath over 0.7g/cm3 and at diameters of a well and a string difference of 30mm at least.

Acoustic Cement Bond

Acoustic cement bond logging tools are used to determine the top of cement and estimate the quality of the cement-to-casing bond and the cement-to-formation bond. The tools can be run on both three-conductor (only two conductors are actually used) and single-conductor geophysical cables with a length of up to 5,500 m

Check Valve

Check valves are used widely in many manufacturing and industrial processes. They are also known as non return valves because they eliminate backflow for liquid, air or gas. Mechanical check valves are placed in pipelines and are self-activating meaning that, like a heart, they react to the flow of fluid and do not require an outside force to operate. When check valves are used to control the pressure, they are called relief valvesbecause they relieve excess pressure from the system. Hearts do not have relief valves because a closed system is necessary to maintain blood pressure.

Depth Correction

The purpose of depth correlation is to get the exact depth of the tool in the well.
With well interventions such as wireline, the wire will always stretch so the depth indicator will be a few meters off actual tool depth. Use perhaps the CCL tool to get the exact depth.