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mineral product like gilsonite natural asphalt Gypsum Bentonite Barite Ores. Our company supplies from its own mines. Iron ores, barite, bentonite, natural bitumen, Gilsonite for the applications of steel production, asphalt and road paving, paint production, membrane, oil and gas drilling

We offer a wide range of gilsonite natural asphalt grades for different industries. Our products exist in different forms depending on your request. Our bentonite are available for applications of oil and gas drilling, foundry, medical, construction. And BARITE is as additive binders mainly by the petroleum industry as a weighting material in the formulation of drilling mud

gilsonite natural asphalt

gilsonite natural asphalt







Drilling Gilsonite natural asphalt

Drilling Gilsonite natural asphalt in powder and 200 mesh apply as a fluid control loss additives to control API and HTHP drilling. other name of gilsonite natural asphalt is natural rock asphalt and when mixed with organophilic clays, it is particular grind size and softening point are ideal for reducing whole mud losses to the formation .Gilsonite pulverized is only partially soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons. Liquid gilsonite natural asphalt ins and other asphaltic type materials penetrate shale pore spaces as a drill bit penetrates a formation. there is an idea that a plastic-flow mechanism will allow the asphaltite to extend into the pores of the shale. thus, reducing fluid loss or mud invasion with a tendency to bond the shale. And prevent sloughing. Asphaltite plates out on the bore hole to thereby reduce fluid loss.

Natural asphalt Pulverized is relatively stable and of low hazard. however, it should not be near strong oxidizing agents. such as chlorates, nitrates or peroxides. Excessive dust is subject to combustion or explosion upon contact with spark or open flame and should be minimized. use good industrial hygiene practice to avoid eye and excess skin contract. Wear a protective dust mask and goggles when handling and mixing.

Gilsonite is available in 22.68kg (50LBS), 25Kg-50Kg-100Kg-1000Kg multi-wall paper sacks or jumbo bag. Treatment: Gilsonite rates of 10-30 Kg/m3.


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