Paraffin wax oxidized bitumen 115/15 Gilsonite rubber process oil

paraffin wax oxidized bitumen 115/15 Gilsonite rubber process oil RPO asphalt 60/70 are our main products. Our company offers eleven grades in our Bitumen range for construction, oil and gas and domestic industries, produces nine grades of Blown Bitumen to our customers in Europe to manufacture membranes.

oxidized bitumen







We supply Rubber process oils (RPOs), and Base oils which are mainly used by our customers to produce many products from rubber lubricants to a toy to the giant tyres for various vehicles. wax products for a wide variety of applications including cosmetics, industrial applications, food, packaging, pharmaceuticals and polymer processing for rubber and tyres are supplied by us.


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We offer a wide range of gilsonite natural asphalt grades for different industries. Our products exist in different forms depending on your request. Our bentonite are available for applications of oil and gas drilling, foundry, medical, construction. And BARITE is as additive binders mainly by the petroleum industry as a weighting material in the formulation of drilling mud. Mixture of Gilsonite with road bitumen to increase the performance of asphalt.Ink and paint to stabilize the ink and using as additives of paint.Gilsonite as additive of foundry casting to prevent bobble in surface on metal.


We produce blown asphalt by air blown system to make hard hydrocarbon in various softening point and penetration. Blown asphalt is available in various packing including 25kg meltable bag, craft bag and steel drum also bulk vessel. We can supply oxidized bitumen in 25 Kg plastic bag or craft bag also drum and carton box block. other grades are: 115/15 , 90/40, 95/25, 90/15. 85/40,85/35,85/25,75/25.

Bitumen asphalt for pavement , cutback and emulsion bitumen

Most of Bitumen uses is in road construction. Road construction has different step and using emulsion, cutback as basement and pavement and then penetration bitumen mixture with aggregates.Penetration bitumen like 60/70 and 80/100 also 90/130 and 160/220 is soft grade of bitumen with high viscosity and categorizing by penetration. Emulsion bitumen is mixture of bitumen with water including emulsifier additives to keep stable to mixture. The emulsion type of bitumen includes anionic emulsion and cationic grade slow setting, medium setting and rapid setting.

Paraffin wax , Slack wax , Petroleum jelly Vaseline , White oil , foots oil (residue wax)

Allstar supplies paraffin wax in light and heavy grades, both fully refined and semi refined.We export paraffin wax to all ports. Wax is determined as: essentially mixtures of long-chain hydrocarbons with carbon chain lengths ranging from C17 to C90+ which are crystalline in nature.As the temperature of the oil drops, the solubility of the high molecular weight paraffin in the liquid decreases. And dissolved wax molecules tend to crystallize below a certain temperature. It is similar to honey when melted. The material for used for hair removing is called wax too. By this determination below products are in wax category with the same specification: Paraffin wax (fully – semi refined), slack wax (heavy – light), foots oil (residue wax), petroleum jelly (Vaseline), microcrystalline wax, cable jelly, liquid paraffin (white oil) .emulsion paraffin is in the category of wax since contains large amount of oil, the only difference is the form of liquid.

Emulsion paraffin is mixture of paraffin wax and water which is now a good alternative for slack wax in shining floor coverings. Most important characteristics of wax products are their oil content and melting point. Paraffin wax, slack wax, residue wax, microcrystalline wax which have lower oil content and melting point have higher quality and prices. In candle, cosmetic, food, matches, polishes industries which are the most users of different grades of waxes, color of them is also very important. To get better result they need to use white or snow white waxes Cream or yellow color paraffin wax can also be used in candle making factories which produce candles grade B Wax is spelled in different languages as: vaks , waks , vacs ,wachse.

Rubber process oil RPO furfural extract extender asphalt oil

Furfural extract is asphalt oil which called also rubber process oil RPO is main additives to add to bitumen to increase viscosity of bitumen and making polymerized bitumen which ensured quality as per of international ASTM and EN standard. Our team remains in constant touch of the clients to understand what quality of bituminous products they require and to be able to satisfy them with the same. We take pride in offering premium quality of rubber process oil (RPO). All star is among top supplier and exporter of aromatic rubber process oil in Dubai with different grade including high and low viscosity RPO, DAE ,TDAE, RAE, TRAE and MES with highest quality according to usage and application can be deliver in any packing (used drum /second handed drum , new steel drum , flexi bag , ISO tank ,bulk) to our good customer anywhere in the world . All batch of cargo has it‘s analyze, COA, test report, refinery report also quality and quantity test can arrange by one of well-known analyzer like SGS.Extract RPO can be produced in different viscosity (@100) range from 10 up to 75 according to your specification with the highest possible flash point around 250 under HSCODE 29321200. RPO can be used in different product range as well as tire making, manufacture of microwave, connectors for household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, rubber roller, plasticizer for plastic compounds, ink formulation industry, isolation manufacturers, rubber manufacturing, shoes, flooring, cable and any other industrial interface. All star company exporting Dubai rubber oil to rubber refinery, tyre making plant , tire factory , RPO wholesaler , manufacturer and trader with the best wholesale price with discount and minimum quantity and best service and fastest delivery .

Exporting Gilsonite, bitumen, paraffin, oxidized bitumen rubber process oil in bulk

All star has storage tank and loading facility of all types of bituminous products consist of penetration bitumen, cutback bitumen, emulsion bitumen and oxidized bitumen at Bandar Abbas port. The storage tanks of rubber process oil and liquid paraffin along with bitumen have a capacity of 80,000MT and include other associated works such as oil heating coils, loading gantry, oil loading and transfer pumps, external heat exchanger (shell and tube type) for petroleum loading, external heat exchanger (plate and frame type), hot oil system, and associated oil piping including heat tracing.

Buy gilsonite oxidized bitumen paraffin wax bitumen 60/70 80/100 rubber process oil RPO from All star

Our team of quality controllers works diligently to make sure that the products are free from any defect and are able to stand up to the expectations of the clients.We have share of Dubai refinery in Emirate market and able to supply reasonable price. Some of the highlights of our company that distinguish us in the industry are:

  • Matchless quality and timely delivery
  • Broad portfolio of petroleum products
  • Strong ethical values
  • Sophisticated warehousing unit in port of loading for prompt shipment.
  • Complete customer satisfaction in Global market.
  • Widespread network
  • Diligent and experience team of professionals with all these factors, we remain ahead of other competitors in the highly competitive market